• Website usability  (discoverability of relevant content, success rate of task flows & corresponding pain points w/r/t interface design and information architecture)


  • Design aesthetics  ​(impressions of the visual design of the site)

Usability testing

  • User preferences & behavior  ​(perceived value of content and site applications, behavior surrounding site usage and toll road payments.

Competitive analysis

Study plan design

(Under NDA.)

Slide deck presentation

Duration:  4 weeks.

  • Mental mapping  (assumptions about and conceptions of online payments of toll charges received by mail)

Lab-based facilitation

Heuristic evaluation

Pain point analysis & evaluation

Written report

I worked with Progress UX Research to conduct a benchmark usability study of, a major toll collection website under the Texas Department of Transportation.  I planned, facilitated and reported on the usability testing component of the project, and my research partner conducted the heuristic and competitive analysis component.  We combined our findings into a presentation for the client.

Benchmark usability study