Card sorting

​(service attributes)

  • Service attributes  (that are most important to users)

(Under NDA.)

  • Design aesthetics  ​(impressions of the visual design of the site)

Concept testing

(webpage & web-based application

 experience designs)



  • Content and interface design  (learnability and scan-ability of charts and graphs, perceived click-ability of buttons and portals, discoverability of information relevant to user)

I plan, facilitate and report on user studies for Student Loan Hero, an online marketplace and resource center for people with student loan debts.   

Presentation & debrief

Main tools:,,, Excel, OptimalSort

Contract:  6 user studies over 7 months (sub-contractor for Progress LLC)

Memoing, rapid analysis & evaluation

Avg. duration:  2 weeks

​Participant recruitment

Usability testing &

user evaluations​​

  • Browsing and navigational patterns  (discoverability and attractiveness of the website via online search engines, user journeys through the website and across specific webpages)

Written report

Study plan design

  • Trust-building  (how does the design of the website factor into users' trust-level of Student Loan Hero?)

Mixed method user evaluations & user research

Remote facilitation


User interviewing