Usability testing

(physical interface designs, touchscreens,

& screencasting applications)

​(Under NDA.)

Memoing, rapid analysis & evaluation

Lab-based facilitation

Rapid testing & evaluation



  • Mental mapping  (assumptions about and conceptions of the architecture of media-sharing sessions)​


User interviewing

  • Digital and physical interface design  (learnability, discoverability and usability of signifiers and functions)

Avg. duration:  ​5 days.

Concept testing

(form factor of physical products)

Client handoff & brainstorming

  • Behavioral insights  (pain points surrounding video conferencing in personal office spaces and conference rooms)
  • Design aesthetics and form factor  (aesthetic impressions of designs)

Written reporting

I assisted Progress UX Research with usability testing and evaluation of telecommunications products and prototypes developed by Polycom.  Responsibilities included participant management, usability testing moderation, data analysis and UX reporting (written).