Through my time at Tufts, I came to love thinking critically about how people interpret the world around them.  UX research is special because it allows me to employ this type of reasoning in a creative, collaborative manner.​​

Academic Background​

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I majored in political science at Tufts University (B.A. 2015) with a concentration in political and anthropological theory.  Towards the end of my college career I developed a keen interest in anthropology, so much so that I took a postgraduate course on anthropological theory after I graduated in 2015.  

Running, hiking, climbing, sci-fi novels, critical social theory, folk guitar.

Task flowcharts


Heuristic analysis

Most of my professional experience has centered on evaluative usability testing and user research in an agency setting.  Typical deliverables for these projects include participant recruitment surveys, study plans, moderator guides, usability lab footage, incident tracking spreadsheets, and UX reports (written briefs, slide decks and client-facing presentations.  

I've recently been able to expand my skillset at musx, a start-up that is developing a platform for music-sharing, where I am able to gather and analyze behavioral and testimonial data by conducting user studies, deploying surveys and monitoring behavioral analytics.

As a user experience researcher, I employ UX research methodologies and human-centered design principles to test, analyze, evaluate and improve digital experiences.  

Contextual inquiry
Empathy charts
Affinity diagramming

Persona creation

User journey mapping

Task analysis

Critical thinking is my passion.

Outside of these opportunities, I have been steadily building a deep knowledge of human-centered design principles however I can.  My participation in training programs like the Nielsen Norman Group UX Certification Program, my mentorship under a seasoned UX Researcher, and my independent UX projects have made me well-versed in a range of human-centered design processes and strategies, including: